Tangle Tower Trophy Walkthrough

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 2/10
Estimated time to 100%: 2 – 3 hours
Trophies: 10. 40-platinum 0 / Gold 1 / Silver 6 / Bronze 3
Missable trophies: 0, with the walkthrough (Otherwise, several)
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1


Welcome to the Tangle Tower trophy walkthrough!
Tangle Tower is a 2019 murder mystery adventure game developed and published by SFB Games, and ported to PS4 in 2021; the third in the Detective Grimoire series. You play as the eponymous detective, and this time – paired with his sleuthing partner Sally – must solve not only the murder of artist Freya Fellow, but also puzzle through the hidden mysteries of the Tangle Tower.

Video guides of this walkthrough are fine as long as I am credited in the video and the guide linked!

Tips and Strategies:

Whenever documents are brought up, just close out of the window unless told otherwise

This walkthrough is sequence-broken like crazy.  So the story may not make sense.

This isn’t the fastest route to get you through the game.  I found some event triggers, but not all of them, so instead I have you exhausting all options later in the game. Maybe someday I’ll go back and check, but for now, this walkthrough will still get you the 100% at the expense of maybe an extra 20-30 minutes of gameplay.

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Trophy Walkthrough:

Lake’s Edge
Click Sally
Map (bottom left corner) – right

Click the water – get damaged cassette
Click harp statue – look closer, then close out
Map – right

Main Entrance
Click red letter in bushes
Map – up

Grand Hall
Click family tree – look closer
Click Fiona’s name, then back out
Map – top left

Flora’s Tower
Click chalk outline, palette, painting supplies, and painting
Click the deduction button
(Flora’s portrait) is holding a knife tipped with (blood) because it stabbed Freya – then click right button to confirm it
Bronze An Unfinished Painting unlocked after you click continue
Click jeweled egg – look closer
From the very top and going clockwise: R / Pink / G / B / G / Y / Pink / Y / B / Purple / R / Purple
Click the keyhole button to submit your solution.  I will not mention the need to do this again.
Click the gramophone – get cracked tape
Talk to Flora – exhaust conversation (there will be a check mark when you’ve done so)
While still in dialogue, click the magnifying glass, then Tangle Tower.  Repeat this with Case File. – you will want to do this with every character, and from now I’ll call it “ask about items”
Close out of conversation
Map – take this time to visit all of the available squares, just to open up the map more
When you’ve done that, map – library

Click opened bird book
Click chalkboard – look closer, click anywhere, then close out
Click snow globe (on book cart) – look closer, click anywhere on the globe, then close out – Bronze A Souvenir unlocked
Talk to Fifi – exhaust conversation and ask about items
Let’s go now

Fifi’s Room
Click big microscope – look closer
Notice the symbols at the base of each lens
Align lenses so +++ / + / ++ / –  (you’re making a a larger version of the key at the bottom of the microscope/ Just make sure there’s no breaks in the actual key.  The lenses will overlap on both sides) – get diary
Look at large diagram – look closer, then back out – Silver Professional Snoop unlocked
Map – music room

Music Room
Click trumpet statue
Talk to Poppy – exhaust conversation and ask about items
Let’s go now

Poppy’s Room
Click glass door – look closer
Slide the lid open
Rows A-D.  Columns 1-4
Moon tiles on A2 / B3 / C2 / D3
Look at metronome (on dresser) – look closer

Starting positions are randomized.  You need to get all of the symbols into the gold ring at the top.  First, you want to overlay the symbols so there’s only two symbols on the metronome.  These will coincide with two of the symbols on the buttons.  At that point, you can press those symbol buttons to move both lenses at once into the gold ring

You will get a ripped photo
Click framed sheet music (above piano)
Map – greenhouse

Look at the orange potted plant that looks like a pear
Look at clipboard – look closer, then back out
Talk to Fitz – exhaust conversation and ask about items
Let’s go now

Fitz’s Room
Click suitcase under bed – look closer
From left to right: down arrow / fat water drop with sharp tip /  leaf that’s like a rectangle with a sharp tip / leaf with triangle holes on each side – get ornate trowel
Click door – look closer
Slide the lid open
Rows A-D.  Columns 1-4.
Moon tiles on A3 / C3 / D2 / D4
Go outside

Rooftop Garden
Click statue wearing headphones – Silver A Swamp Monster…? unlocked
Click frog statue tongue – get feathers
Map – Aviary

Click birdcage in front of Penny
Talk to Penny – exhaust conversation and ask about items
Let’s go now

Penny’s Room
Click birdhouse – look closer
top row: yellow / blue
middle row: red / dark green / white
bottom row: brown / light green
You will get crumpled paper
Click flower in heart pot
Map – astronomy tower

Astronomy Tower
Talk to Pointer – exhaust conversation and ask about items
Click solar system model – look closer

You want to fill in this design with shadows.  Think of this like a clock (there’s even little tick marks on the border to help you).  Put the moon at 1 and the sun at 5.  Gray and purple at 9.  Green at 1, pink at 5, orange at 3

You’ll get golden beetle research
Click telescope – have a look
Click the circular window, then back out
Map – new room

Click “reel thingy” – on ground just right of the yellow beam of light
Map – workshop

Click treasure chest above table – look closer
Enter H6W – get painted models
Click painted model on table
Talk to Felix – exhaust conversation and ask about items
Map – stone square

Stone Square
Click square clock – look closer
Put the lens on the first clock to 3
Put the lens on the fourth clock to 6
Ignore the middle two clocks – get small lens
Talk to Hankshaw – exhaust conversation and ask about items
Silver It’s my Case File and Silver Tangle Tower Historian unlocked
Map – Freya’s Room

Freya’s Room
Click large painting – get photo of painting
Click wooden box by large painting – look closer
From left to right: short brush with pink paint / skinny green / regular green / short blue / tall blue / tall pink
You will get a ripped photo
Click drawings on back wall – get Freya’s drawings
Map – Lake Edge (there should be a black circle with a ? in it now)

Lake Edge
Click Sally, exhaust “suspect statements” conversation, then back out
Map – music room

Music Room
Talk to Poppy
Click the tab of the people (from now on I’ll just say Suspects) and ask her about all of them
Click the magnifying glass tab (from now on I’ll just say Clues) and ask her about all of them
Clues – exhaust all
When you show her the sheet music, ask her to play the tune
When you exit the conversation, Silver A Poet and a Pianist will unlock
(It’s possible you will be told that there’s something suspicious about Fifi’s diary here.  If not, just follow the walkthrough more and it should happen after exiting conversation with Fifi)
Map – library

Talk to Fifi
Clues – exhaust all
Exit the conversation – you should now be told there’s something suspicious.  I will not say this part again during the rest of the walkthrough.  – if this doesn’t happen yet, ask her about all the suspects
Choose Let’s go now
Talk to Fifi – suspicion – it’s somebody else’s diary
Clue – ripped photo (right) – click arrow to continue
Deduction: (blue book) is the same thing as (secret diary) which proves it belonged to Freya
Deduction: (Fifi) didn’t want anyone to see (personal secrets) within Freya’s diary
Map – workshop

Talk to Felix
Clues – both painted models, and Freya’s paints
Let’s go now

Flora’s Tower
Talk to Flora
Suspicion – it’s not a knife
Clue – bird book
Deduction: (the painted knife) is actually just (a feather) from an Inkdip bird
Clue: painted models
Deduction: (the Inkdip bird) was Flora’s pet, so she kept (a single feather) to remember it by
Clue: empty egg – you will receive Flora’s drawings
Map – greenhouse

Talk to Fitz
Clues – exhaust all
Map – aviary

Talk to Penny
Clue – crumpled paper, four feathers, birds and cage, bird book, Flora’s drawings
Let’s go now
Talk to Penny
Suspicion: they’re from red roses
Clue: Freya’s drawings
Deduction: (one of Penny’s birds) was used to spy on (Poppy and Fitz) and steal evidence from them
Clue: four feathers
Deduction: (yellow feather) was left behind by (Penny’s yellow bird) when it visited the rooftop garden
Map – astronomy tower

Astronomy Tower
Talk to Pointer
Clue – golden beetle, small lens, reel thingy, potted fruit, opened letter
Let’s go now
Talk to Pointer
Suspicion: you’re not really interested in astronomy at all
Clue: golden beetle
Deduction: (Pointer’s telescope) was actually looking at (the crime scene) and not up at the sky
Go to the gardens

Click crab at base of fountain – pick it up
A new chapter, Unfinished Business, will start
Map – Flora’s tower

Flora’s Tower
Click gramophone – try it
Play each tape until they stop by themselves
There should now be a suspicion about Poppy
Map – lake’s edge

Lake Edge
Click bird bath
Map – main entrance

Main Entrance
Click bell
Map – music room

Music Room
Talk to Poppy
Clue – sheet music – can you play the tune for us?
Suspicion: you used to like these colors
Clue: ripped photo (left)
Deduction: (pink cassette tape) found at the crime scene matches (pink cassette player) used by Poppy in this old photo
Deduction: add ripped photo (right), then click it
Poppy doesn’t want to look like that anymore
Go to the Gardens

Click harp statue – look closer
Just click the arrows so the green picture matches with the purple picture
Click door that just opened (you can’t go in yet)
Map – workshop

Talk to Felix
Clue – exhaust all
Suspects – Freya
Let’s go now
Talk to Felix
Suspicion: it’s not your paint pot
Clue: Freya’s paints
Deduction: (Freya’s red paint pot) was stolen and replaced with (Felix’s red paint pot) but the lids were swapped to hide it
Deduction: (this red paint pot) was somehow filled with (blood) before Freya used it to paint Flora
Let’s go now

Lake Edge
Click Sally
Exhaust “the Crime Scene” dialogue
Deduction: (blood from the paint pot) was used to paint the red tip of (the painted Inkdip feather) to resemble a bloody knife
Map – Aviary

Talk to Penny
Suspects – exhaust all
Map – greenhouse

Talk to Fitz
Suspects – Hawkshaw
Map – stone square

Stone Square
Talk to Hawkshaw
Suspects – exhaust all
Clues – exhaust all
Let’s go now
Talk to Hawkshaw
Clue: golden beetle
It’s not a microscope at all
Deduction: (the handheld microscope) according to Fifi, uses (a telescopic lens) so Hawkshaw lied about it
Map – Aviary

Talk to Penny
Clue – ornate trowel, golden beetle, potted flower
Let’s go now

Talk to Fitz
Suspicion: Fifi did see Fitz, but he was holding something else
Clue: ornate trowel
Deduction: (an ornate trowel) is used by Fitz to look after (a potted flower) in Penny’s room
Clue: potted fruit
Deduction: (the pot and soil) in Penny’s room matches (the pot and soil) found in Fitz’s greenhouse
Let’s go now

Click open door – go down

Click on glass case on table – look closer, then back out
Click papers under the books on the table – look closer, move the blank pages and click on the diagram, then back out – Silver Chemistry or Alchemy? unlocked
Click on safe – look closer

Click Sally
Exhaust “secret laboratory” dialogue
Deduction – clue – golden beetle
Deduction: (Pointer) has been trying to breed (the golden beetle) in the underground laboratory
Let’s go

Lowest Level
Click the window
Click Sally – “the lake”
Click the pot on top of the cabinet with the rolled-up paper sticking out of it – unroll it – click “study”
Click photo on the wall with something sticking out of it
Click Sally – “strange photograph”
Clue – painted models – Lord Remington
Click book on table
Let’s go

Grand Hall
Click the beam of light in the middle of the room – pull it
Click the ladder – climb the ladder

Bronze A Secret
Click incinerator (right wall)
Click table on right – get notebook
Click board hanging in middle of room
Click photo hung on stairs
Click Sally – “the study”
Deduction – left clue: Freya’s drawings.  Right clue: photo of painting
“five people” – exhaust dialogue
In your inventory, look at the children’s book.  Remember what the crab looks like.
Click large crab on wall – look closer – click the parts of the crab to match the book picture
The large left claw needs to go up, right and open, the small left claw needs to go up, the right claw needs to go open and right
Click crossbow
Click Sally – “a weapon” – we found them already
Deduction – clues, from top to bottom: small lens, reel thingy, metal rod

Click Sally – “machinations of murder”
It was fired from above Freya
Freya was already lying on her back
She’d fallen unconscious
The gramophone
There was something in the gramophone
Clue: Golden beetle
Clue: Freya’s paints
They protected themselves
Clue: Lute statue
Go to Flora’s Tower

Flora’s Tower
Click plant (window)
Click painting
Click brush and palette
Click Sally – “the missing clue”
We found it somewhere else
Clue: Burnt items
It’s in the unfinished painting
Clue: Brush and palette
Deduction: (yellow paint) was going to be used to paint (this sketch) of something sitting in the window
Clue: birds and cage
Click the yellow bird

Click Hawkshaw – tie her hands – Clue: reel thingy
Justice for Freya
She’s lonely
The study
The Era of Mystid Mansion: Mystids? Sure. / Clue: group photo
A Lowly Entomologist: Clue: golden beetle
Click Penelope
The Will of Freya Fellow: Clue: photo of painting
After credits, Gold Untangled Tower unlocked


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