Far Cry 6 Review

Disclaimer: This review contains spoilers, please read at your discretion.


Far Cry 6 is the sixth game to come from Ubisoft, three years after their previous release of Far Cry 5.

You follow protagonist Dani, born and raised in Yara’s capital. A military dropout who isn’t interested in joining the revolution and instead wants nothing more than to escape the country. But to enable the escape, Dani must first help out some Guerrillas, and ends up tangled in their revolt.


At the start of this high impact, high fun action-adventure first person shooter, the player gets to choose which Dani to fight with, male or female. This game is full of high stakes and big rewards. Not only for Dani, but for the player too. You get completely swept up in the Guerrilla movement, who are fighting to take out antagonist Anton Castillo, a dictatorial militant who heads the military junta as their “El Presidente” along with his son, Diego, who he is guiding to take up the position when the time comes.

After joining the Guerrilla movement, “Libertad” Dani finds it impossible to resist helping the Guerrillas and does everything humanly possible to ensure the successful overthrowing of Anton to restore Yara, so it can rebuild and live in peace.

I really enjoyed playing this game, I confess it’s only the second Far Cry I’ve played, third if you count Far Cry 5’s New Dawn expansion. However, I was fully immersed from the start, fighting alongside Dani to take down Anton and his band of violent, ruthless followers.

The game is fully responsive, whatever the player chooses, whether it’s to stealth their way to take down an “FND” base, the outposts of this Far Cry instalment, or equip the loudest, bulkiest rocket launcher to blast their way to victory.

The colours and look of the trees, landscapes and outfits are perfect for the scenes of survival and I was blown away by the amount of significant detail. By the way the trees blew in the breeze, or the way Dani sings along to the radio as you drive to the next mission.

It has an amazing soundtrack and plenty of collectibles, tasks and missions to keep the player engaged and interested.

Along with the main missions, there are plenty of side missions and stories just waiting to be discovered and the player can choose their path to the finish line with as little or as much of exploration and discovery and they like. One thing to look out for however is the levelling system, as the more you play through the main story, the higher the enemy rank rises. So I recommend playing through some of the side missions and level up a little as you go.

There are also 5 “Amigos” to recruit to aid you in your fight that are all super skilled and super awesome. These can be recruited by completing main missions, side missions and Yara story missions as you go.

One of the cutest Amigos you can recruit is Chorizo the Dachshund, he is a two-legged fearless puppy that will have the player, and enemies swooning over.

There are also plenty of weapons for all the player’s needs and these can either be found at different locations throughout the map, or from venders at the ‘Home Bases’. ‘Special’ weapons can be brought from Juan, a former KGB spymaster who is highly skilled in the revolution. Which also include the Supremo weapons; backpacks that each have different perks and also allow you to carry different gadgets and aids.

There’s no unnecessary walking whilst you make your way around the large map of Yara, with all different vehicles, planes, cars, trucks, horses, even a wingsuit to help you get to your destination as painless as possible. You also unlock fast travel points, which are plentiful, as well as an on-hand car that you can call upon from the weapon wheel anytime you’re near a road, there is no cause for needless walking/running as there have been in previous Far Cry games.

There’s so much to see, do, explore in this game and I fully enjoyed every minute of it, the exploration and Yaran story telling was engaging and once I learnt one aspect of Yaran history, I wanted to know more.

I only had a couple of glitches, seeing a few NPCs acting a little off at times, floating, walking into a bush, however, this didn’t interfere with my experience and was of no real concern to the feel of play; which was smooth and effortless as breathing.

Overall this game was so incredible fun and the experience was fantastic. One of my favourite things in the game was Dani singing along with the radio as you’re driving, and I had so much enjoyment from tearing down the fanciest military that held a noose over Yara


Rating: 8 out of 10.


  • Graphics are incredible
  • Lots of fast travel points
  • Smooth game play
  • Engaging experience
  • Fast load times on PS5


  • Sometimes the open world aspect seemed daunting
  • A little glitchy
  • While passing other vehicles on the road, they constantly beep their horn, which got annoying
  • After calling for the car to be dropped off, it stopped a ways away so I had to run over to it
  • Horses can’t swim
  • Slower load times on PS4


Far Cry 6 was a super fun experience with lots of different missions and locations to explore, where you can meet different characters and revolution groups along the way. It has an amazing soundtrack and the game is just beautiful and enjoyable to play from start to end.

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Game & Developer Information

Developer Website: Ubisoft
Developer Socials: Twitter
PSN Store Links: £59.99/€69.99 Europe / $59.99 North America
Trophy Information: 54. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 2 / Silver 5 / Bronze 46

Images – https://www.igdb.com/ 

Far Cry 6 – Official Gameplay Trailer


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