Halo 3 Review


Halo 3 was developed by Bungie and published by Microsoft Game Studios for Xbox 360 in 2007. It was then released on Xbox One for the Master Chief Collection in 2014.


Following the events of Halo 2, Master Chief makes his way back to Earth, where The Covenant army is still destroying everything they see. But now, they know what they’re looking for, and nothing is going to stop them. Until of course, you stop them! You take control of Master Chief, again, and stop the covenant once and for all! Though you do end up doing some things and making allies that you wouldn’t expect one bit.

Most of the game this time actually takes place on the Covenant super city, known as High Charity. Though it’s also kind of like a space station. They seem to have a Halo ring hidden inside the city. The game has a lot of story that I just seemed to have forgotten since I last played it, and I honestly forgot a lot of the twists. But I will always remember the worst level in that game. Cortana. But the end game sequence of driving through hell is still absolutely fantastic, as you’re driving through High Charity while it’s blowing up. This actually ended the storyline that was happening in Halo 1 & 2, with an ending that a lot of people expected to be the end of Master Chief. But if you followed the Halo series, you’d know that there was more.

Of course just like the last couple entries leading up to this point, there are no subtitles in the levels. So there were a few times where I missed quite a few lines of dialogue and I was angry. Especially when Cortana hops on screen, or when you get tunnel vision because of an ominous voice! 

The game plays like Halo 2, but with a bit more enhancements. The dual wield function is still here in combat, but I never really used it, just like in Halo 2. One of the big things in this is the combat against Scarabs. Which are giant Covenant vehicles that wreak havoc anywhere they are placed. The first time you fight one, it’s crazy, it’s hectic, you’re not sure what to do! But by the 5th time…it really loses its lustre. Unfortunately if it was done only a few times, it would’ve been memorable.

There were a lot of in vehicle sections in the campaign. I can’t ever say no to these. My favourite part of Halo is always running over Grunts with a vehicle! Or as I’ve said in previous reviews, squeezing the vehicles in places where they don’t belong!


Rating: 7 out of 10.


  • Great Ending
  • Fun Gameplay
  • Vehicles Are Always Fun


  • The “Cortana” Level
  • Too Many Scarab Fights
  • No Subtitles


Halo 3 was a fantastic way to end the storyline that was leading up to that point. With deceit and unlikely allies, along with one of the best ending set pieces in the series! I can’t wait to continue playing the series to see new things!

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Game & Developer Information

Developer Website: Bungie
Developer Socials: Twitter
Publisher Website: Microsoft Game Studios
Publisher Socials: Twitter

Images – https://www.igdb.com/

Finish The Fight | Halo: The Master Chief Collection – Halo 3


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