Kick it, Bunny! Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 2/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 2 hours
Trophies: 27 40-platinum 1 / Gold 7 / Silver 9 / Bronze 10
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1


Greetings comrades and welcome to the Kick it, Bunny! trophy guide!
Many stone figures were erected by ancient bunnies among the oases, but a disaster struck and all the figures were destroyed.
Your task, as a true bunny, is not only to find traces of the old bunny civilization, but also to restore their wonderful buildings.
Solve block puzzles in the Bunny world by kicking it.


There is no set route in doing this one. I personally did all the side activities first then went after the puzzles. I also found it easier for myself to do all the rings and chest in run go as they were easier to keep track of that way.

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Trophy Guide:

You did it!

You did it! Congratulations.

Beginner Bronze
Restore 1 figure

Complete 1 puzzle. See Gold Expert.

Experienced Silver
Restore 5 figures

Complete 5 puzzles. See Gold Expert.

Expert Gold
Restore 10 figures

There are 50 puzzles total available from the pause menu in game. You will only need to complete 10 off them however to obtain the relevant trophies.

See below for our suggestion of the easiest 10 –

We also have a video showing all 10, plus the route to getting them all –

Ringed Gold
Pass through all the rings on the map

There are 37 rings to pass through around the islands. Once you pass through them they will turn from gold to green.

See below video for all locations.

Footballer Bronze
Score the goal to the gate

See Gold Footballer – 3.

Are you a toucan? Bronze
Kick any toucan

These are located near one of the ring locations. Cannot be missed.

Leap of faith Bronze
Jump off the cliff

You will run across a ring over a canyon, this is the cliff to jump off.

Kick it, Bunny! Silver
Kick “Kick it, Bunny!”

See screen shot for map location in the top right corner. There will be a statue holding a Kick it Bunny Sign. Kick this statue.

Don’t Bother Me I’m Watching Silver
Don’t Bother Me I’m Watching

Locate the hippos standing in the water and jump kick one of these hippos. (Middle of the map).

Things will wait Bronze
Lie on a deck chair for 10 seconds

These are right at the beginning of the game. Kick one to lay in it.

Why are you lying here? Bronze
Kick somebody off the deck chair

See Gold Why are you lying here? – 3.

Will you marry me? Bronze
Pass through the first ring

Pass through the first ring you see.

Don’t Kick Me! Bronze
Be kicked by an animal

See Gold Don’t Kick Me! – 3.

Don’t Kick Me! – 2 Silver
Be kicked by an animal 10 times

See Gold Don’t Kick Me! – 3.

Don’t Kick Me! – 3 Gold
Be kicked by an animal 30 times

You must have “aggressive animals” turned on in the option menu in order to earn these.

Just kick any animals you run across, and they will kick you back.

Why are you lying here? – 2 Silver
Kick somebody off the deck chair 10 times

See Gold Why are you lying here? – 3.

Why are you lying here? – 3 Gold
Kick somebody off the deck chair 30 times

Whenever you run across an animal in a deck chair, just kick them out. It doesn’t have to be 30 different animals.

Footballer – 2 Silver
Score the goal to the gate 5 times

See Gold Footballer – 3.

Footballer – 3 Gold
Score the goal to the gate 10 times

This one is fairly simple this time around, as you do not have to play against anyone.
When you find the field just score 10 goals. Any of the fields you run across in the game will count towards this trophy. Even the nets located in the water.

Wet jump Bronze
Jump off the waterfall into the river

You can see the waterfall from the starting area, and to the left of it is a path you can take up to it. Once there run and jump off the rock at the waterfalls edge.

Colorful Bronze
Use any color chest

See Gold All the chests.

Secret Silver
Find and use a secret color chest

See Gold All the chests.

All the chests Gold
Find and use all the color chests

The colored squares on the map are all chest locations including the secret chest.

Square Ring Silver
Pass through the square ring

This is located in the trees above the chest with the white paint.

Hatman Silver
Kick the Hatman

See screenshot for location (Lower right).

Chicky Gold
Kick chickens 20 times

I found a bunch of chickens on the football field and proceeded to, you guessed it, kick them 20 times.


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