Godstrike Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 7/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 3-5 hours (skill dependent)
Trophies: 22. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 7 / Silver 11 / Bronze 3
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: 2
Playthrough: 1 (with a backup save)


Welcome to the Godstrike trophy guide!
Developed by OverPowered Team and published by Freedom Games; Godstrike is a boss rush bullet hell. Test your reflexes in this challenging an fun twin stick shooter.


Step 1: Play through story mode and unlock both endings
Play through the story and practice each boss for the more challenging modes later on.  Be sure to make a backup save before fighting the 10th boss to get both endings.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Silver Guardian
Silver Watcher
Silver Awakened
Silver Seeker
Silver Charged
Silver Vortex
Silver Dweller
Silver Unchained
Silver Warmonger
Gold Herald
Gold Doomed
Gold Freedom
Bronze Burner
Bronze Harvest
Bronze Beginner

Step 2: Challenge mode and daily challenges
These two game modes will be much harder than story because you cannot play on easy and if you die at any point you will have to start completely over

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Gold Unbeatable
Silver Master
Gold Limit
Gold Untouchable
Gold Unstoppable
Silver Domination
40-platinum Profane

Tips and Strategies:

  • Time and health bar are shared
  • For many of the boss fights it is better to not move because the projectiles move in a pattern and if you find a safe place in the chaos you most likely will not be hit.
  • It is important to not panic while the screen is being filled with bullets
  • Also pretty much every boss will follow the same pattern of attacks if you do the same thing every fight.
  • So you can memorize their patterns rather than reacting to them which will make the fights much easier.
  • I recommend doing this for at least the first phase of every fight to get through it unscathed.
  • It will make the later phases of each much easier if you have more time/health
  • Play around with your passive and active skills. Some skills are good with some bosses but terrible with others. Find what works for you
  • In story mode if you die 3 or 4 times on a fight you will be given the option to fight on easy mode but it will only stay active until the end of the fight.
  • You will only lose 7 seconds of time when you get hit on easy (compared to 12 on normal/hard) and it will not affect any trophies.
  • I found the best combo of abilities were the shield, increased fire rate and the 5 bullets at a time. Using this you can get massive damage and not take any yourself as long as the shield holds up and it works for almost every boss
  • When you get to the final boss in story mode (Garodal) BACK UP YOUR SAVES ON THE CLOUD to avoid replaying the story again for the second ending

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Trophy Guide:

Complete all trophies

Like all other platinum trophies, unlock all other trophies to get this one

Guardian Silver
Beat Tutoriaal

1st phase- It only has a few attacks all of which are easily avoidable. Use the dont move strategy to avoid the projectiles he shoots

2nd phase- It will start jumping around shooting projectiles at the same time. Keep your distance from it to avoid being unable to dodge
During the second half of phase two it will surround itself with rocks that explode when you shoot them. Shoot a rock in each row in the same position and go inside the inner circle to shoot it
It wont change its pattern when you are right in its face

3rd phase- It will go back to a similar strategy as phase 1 with some added attacks. It can now shoot lasers up from the ground but it’s still easy to avoid.
Also the rock through will now explode on impact

Beat Khalepo

1st and 2nd phases- These two phases are largely the same so I’ll cover them together. The only difference is the pattern of the bullets is different.
You can mostly stay in the same spot and not get hit. This boss is stationary so you can rack up some damage pretty quick.

3rd phase- For this phase the boss will shoot a laser around the screen and the bullets come in waves. I recommend circling the boss on the outside to avoid the waves of bullets
If the laser gets too close to you then briefly go to the inside to gain some distance from it

4th phase- This is the hardest phase of the fight. The bullets will come at you from every which way and the don’t move strat isn’t very useful here.
It is probably best to keep circling the boss to try to be as far away from the bullets as possible.

Beat Drakhul

1st phase- It is stationary for the phase and the bullets come in patterns so the don’t move strat will work for the most part.
During the latter half of this phase it will shoot some projectiles that will force you to move but still easily avoidable.

2nd phase- It is now mobile and an outer ring will appear that you can stand on. I found the easiest way to fight it was to stay on the outside ring and shoot it from a distance

3rd phase- The inner ring will now disappear and you have to be stay on the outer ring.
You’re a little cramped for space here so use your abilities to end the fight faster. Other than that the strat for phase two will work here

Beat Mobus

1st phase- This boss likes to go off screen a lot so shoot it when you can. The dont move strat wont work here because its always in a new position but the stage is pretty big so you have a lot of room to move around
use your abilities such as the 5 bullet spread to hit more easily while it is moving.
Also once you shoot an area on its back enough it wont be able to be damaged anymore and you’ll have to shoot another area

2nd phase- The same strat that you used for phase 1 will work for phase 2 the only difference is that it will start to drop mines around the screen and you’ll have more to dodge
As far as I could tell only its tail will take damage here so use your abilities to hit this tricky target.

Beat Duhm

1st and 3rd phases- These two phases are mostly the same but some new attacks are added in phase 3. Try shooting it when it stays still while it shoots waves of bullets or it spins around
In the third phase it will have two robot arms try to slam down on you and if it misses you it will shoot projectiles that you’ll need to dodge

2nd phase- The boss will change forms and sort of resemble a cannon. However it can still move from side to side. It will do an attack where it shoots a laser from side to side and this is probably the best time to get damage in.
Otherwise it is probably just focus on dodging the attacks. Don’t get hasty or you’ll definitely end up taking a few hits here.
Also during this phase the arms that were mentioned in phase 3 are activated so you’ll have to avoid those here as well.

Beat Ylaudit

1st phase- This is the hardest phase of the fight. It is split into to halves each with its on health bar so you have to deplete its health bar twice.
The don’t move strategy will work on one half if you are far away enough from the other half. If you are too close then the half you are not focusing on will interfere with your position.
Also the environment will change from dark to light. You can only damage the light half while the background is light and the dark half while it’s dark.

2nd and 3rd phases- For these two phases the two halves from phase one will combine. In the second phase it is completely stationary so you can find a safe spot in the pattern and continuously shoot it.
In the third phase it will start to move but the gaps in the bullets are big enough that they can be easily avoided.
All its attacks between the phases seem to be the same; the only difference is that it starts to move in phase 3

Beat Nuraanag

1st phase and 2nd phases- This boss’s patterns are really easy to avoid. i recommend staying in the centre of the screen because the attacks can come from all directions not just from the boss itself.
For the second phase it will add a few new attacks. The most notable one to look out for is one where the bullets will circle around you and the close in on you. Get on the outside of the bullets as soon as possible.

3rd and 4th phases- The boss will now be able to move during these phases but its attacks are more or less the same and they can still be easily dodged.
I found using an increased bullet rate for these phases was useful to end the fight faster. it’s probably better to be aggressive during this fight to be a bit easier

Beat Sentiel

1st 2nd and 3rd phases- For these 3 phases the boss itself will not take any damage. Instead you will need to shoot the crystal that it is chained to.
Its attacks are fast so I recommend taking the shield ability in with you because dodging can be pretty difficult.
During phase 3 the crystal will split in half so damaging both halves at once will double the damage dealt to it. I used the laser ability to do this because it shoots through one half to the other.

4th phase- The crystal will be destroyed and the boss will take damage now.
The shield ability is your best friend here because it moves around a lot it constantly surround itself with projectiles so getting a shot off can be pretty hard

Warmonger Silver
Beat Cindael

All phases- Despite having 4 phases, you can use pretty much the same strategy for each phase of the fight. Most of the attacks be single projectiles or melee attacks
The best thing to do in this fight is to constantly stay moving. The boss is fast so it can catch if you stay still for even just a moment.
Also stay away from the edge of the arena. The tridents that comprise the border will try to stab you if you get to close to them.
The hardest attack to avoid is the cyclone attack during phase 4 because the tridents will close in on you and you have barely any room to move.
I found that it was best to take this fight slow and not to rush it.

Herald Gold
Beat Garodal


1st phase- Most of the attacks in the phase will be a large amount of bullets but while it is shooting them the boss will be stationary
Find a safe place in the pattern of bullets and attack while the boss isn’t moving.
Try to be defensive while it is attacking you and moving around at the same time.
Fortunately he only does a few moving attacks in this phase.

2nd phase- The boss switches fighting styles completely in this phase. It wields duals swords but it only has a few attacks.
For the most part all the attacks are pretty easy to avoid if you keep your distance and dont stand in front of it.

3rd phase- For this phase you will not be fighting Garodal at all, instead you fight a mirror of Talaal (your character).
It takes damage really easily so I recommend using increased fire rate and 5 bullet spread upgrades to end this phase in 5-10 seconds. You can really do it that fast
Things become a bit hectic in this phase if you don’t end it as fast as possible

4th phase- The boss uses all the attacks from the first and second phases as well as some new ones. I recommend focusing completely on defence here and only attack when he send his swords at you and shoots a laser.
Use the decoy ability to distract the laser so you can get a clean shot at him.
Overall the attacks in this phase are really difficult to dodge especially the meteor attack. Keeping your distance is probably the best way to go

Unlock the ‘Doom’ ending

You can get this during the 3rd phase of Garodal (mirror Talaal).
Instead of killing the boss here wait it out until an even triggers. The screen will flash a few times and then the event will play out.
The boss will circle the arena a couple times.

Unlock the ‘Freedom’ ending

To get this ending you just need to beat all the bosses in story mode. You’ll get this ending naturally if you play without a guide.

Win a game in Challenge Mode

From the main menu go into challenge mode. From here you’ll have to fight 5 bosses in a row.
It is harder than in story mode because you’re only given a couple abilities from the start and you cannot change the difficulty to easy if you constantly die.
The ability and boss you’re given every time is random as well so it is hard to plan for the fight. My best advice is just to practice every boss a lot until you’re comfortable with all of them

Use every ability

There are two types of abilities, actives and passives. It counts as using a passive ability when you start the fight with a new one and it counts as using an active ability when you press the assigned button.
You will not unlock all the abilities just by playing through the story mode
You’ll get this trophy when trying for the Unbeatable trophy because the abilities you’re given are random and you’ll get the new ones you haven’t used just by trying over and over.

Beat a Boss with no remaining time

After you run out of time (either from being hit or just taking too long) the screen will turn grey and you’ll die the next time you take damage
I recommend beating Tutoriaal to get this trophy because its patterns are the easiest to avoid.

Beat a Boss without taking damage

Use the same strategy that you used to get the Limit trophy.
This is also best done on tutoriaal, you’ll be fighting this boss a lot while trying for challenge mode so you should learn its patterns without any problems.

Have a 5 daily win streak

From the main menu go into Daily challenge and win 5 fights here. To my knowledge it is the same as challenge mode (random bosses and random abilities).
The only difference is that you can only attempt this once per day so if you want to try again the same day, close the game and change the date on your system.
Unfortunately if you do this you’ll get a new boss on a new day so it’s hard to practice.

Burner Bronze
Die 10 times

You’ll get this just by playing. In order to die just run out of time and get hit one more time.

Pick up 50 souls

Souls are the blue orbs that the bosses drop after shooting them so much.
If you are trying to get this trophy fast there are two passive abilities that can help
One increases the soul drop rate and another will make the bosses sometimes drop a soul that counts as two souls

Beat a boss without actives and passives

Before each fight you can choose which active and passive abilities you want to equip.
Choose to not equip any abilities and win a boss fight, it doesn’t matter if you take damage or not.
Once again, it is best to do this on Tutoriaal.

Complete the tutorial

This will be the first trophy you earn. After starting story mode you’ll be put into the tutorial where you learn how to move shoot and use abilities.
It only takes around a minute to complete.


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