Without Escape Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 1/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 15 – 45 mins
Trophies: 13. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 11 / Silver 1 / Bronze 0
Missable trophies: 2. Silver The Slippers & GoldBlack Box
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1
Stacks: 9 (EU/JP/NA – PS4, PS5 & PS Vita)


 Greetings comrades and welcome to the Without Escape trophy guide!
Developed by Bumpy Trail Games & Published to consoles by EastAsiaSoft; this is a short point and click “horror” game. I say this as “horror”, which is strange, as it actually doesn’t scare me. Which is easily done.


The game can be done in about a hour playing blind, or can be gone through in about 30 mins or faster after the second stack. You use   stick for movement and interact with things using . The game has two missable trophies, but they can be picked back up in the first few mins of a new game if you miss them.

You can use the attached video guide if desired, but it does not follow the guide word for word.

Text Walkthrough:

Full Text Walkthrough follows – I broke it down into steps needed for each trophy

You start the game in your parents bedroom.  You need to grab the slippers from the floor for Silver The Slippers.

Inspect the nightstand to see the numbers on the paper. Leave the room and go downstairs, and right into the living room area. Use  the phone and dial 666-3498. This earns you Gold The Call.

Next up interact with the TV to unlock the  Gold Black Box.

Now we need to interact with the large clock, then interact the the top shelf in the middle to get a key. Also interact with the books on the bottom left of the shelf, to save time later. Up the stairs now.

Go to parents room (middle door), and from downstairs the phone will ring, which creates an item. Go back downstairs to living room, and beside the phone will be a item, the Leveler. This  unlocks  Gold Strange Thing. Grab it before moving on.

Back to your parents bedroom and interact with the dresser to get the Battery, now interact with the crooked picture on the wall to receive the lighter, then back downstairs to the living room.

Go into the doorway that’s beside the stairs. Interact with the hanging coat to get a sweater, and in the fish bowl to get a key. Head back upstairs.

Enter the door on the left, this is your bedroom. Inspect the dresser beside the door to get the Pliers. Leave the room and you will hear a knocking Gold Knock Knock.

Go to the bathroom in the parents room. Interact with the toilet to get a key!

Go back down the stairs again, and open the spot on the wall to the very left of the screen.
Interact, and once open you will need to use the Pliers to turn the water on.

Return to your parents bedroom, then to the bathroom and interact with the sink; this will give you the Lockpick. Back downstairs and enter the door in the corner on the left side of the hallway to enter the kitchen.

Interact with the stove to receive a key. Back upstairs we go again, and  enter the door on the right of the hallway to be in a office and the trophy Gold Father’s Office will pop.

In the office, on the left side on the bookshelf, on middle of the shelf is a box; Use the code 1956 to open it. Inside is another battery.

Now go to the living room and interact with the TV remote on the table. The screen will flash and shake now you are back in your parents room. Procced into the bathroom for the trophy Gold Other Dimension.

Go into the hallway and interact with the speaker on the wall to receive the Test Tube.
Proceed to your room and interact with the shelf on the right side to get a Beaker.

Return to your parents bedroom, then the bathroom and interact with the pipe that’s in front of you on the left, in order to some Grease. Return to your room, interact with the wheel on the wall, then return downstairs – A weird scene will play out but the game will return to normal.

Back to the living room and into the doorway on the left of the stairs to be in the basement.
While here, interact with the wire on the wall on the right to get the Resin, then interact with the boards to receive Wooden Plank. Return to your parents bathroom, and interact with the bathtub to get Blood for the beaker, and then with the recess on the left of the tub to get the Organ.

Now return downstairs yet again, then to the living room. Interact with the recess on the left  side to make a giant eye appear. This will earn Gold The Eye.

Back to your bedroom to interact with your tv. A bunch of symbols will appear once you turn it on. Go back downstairs and all the wall are clocks, interact with them.
Input the time 04:35, then interact with the speaker upstairs and bells will now ring. Back to  your parents bedroom.

On your parents dresser is a clock, interact with it, return downstairs and go to the clocks and input 07:45. Interact with the recess, that now shows an ear, and get the Unusual Key. This unlocks Gold Traveler Key.

Return to your bedroom and interact with the dresser again. It’ll tell you of a chemical that you need to look up the atomic number for. It is rng every time.
Back down the bloody stairs and to the door on the left; this returns you to the normal world.

Go to  the far right door, which leads you outside. Interact with the water heater, and input the atomic number your were given before returning to the hallway. Interact with the chest of drawers in the middle to receive a Medallion Piece.

Go to your parents bedroom, and interact with the wardrobe on the left to get the other Medallion Piece, and return to the bathroom and interact with the sink.

If you done that atomic number bit right you will get some water to a make an Adhesive Agent. Return to the demon world. In the downstairs hallway you can go in the far right door to the kitchen.

After the cutscene interact with the sink again, and go into the basement, and through the big door. Proceed to the next screen and interact with the pedestal in the middle of the room to receive the solution for the last puzzle. Keep advancing to end up outside. This will get you the Gold Where’s Everything.

Interact with the platform on the left side in order to go to go to the final screen. Here you will see two green lights and a machine in the middle of the screen – These lights are your next puzzles.

Each side has a screen that will have have a series of numbers on the left side, and a series of letters on the bottom of it .

On the left puzzles the solution is A = 50, B = 37.5, C = 75, D = 62.5.
The right puzzles solution is A = 50, B = 50, C = 50, D = 100.

This should power up the teleporter for you to go into. Proceed in to it, and that is the final cutscene.

Choose what you want now, as it doesn’t matter. After this point Gold Without Escape will unlock, and also 40-platinum The Chosen One.

I do recommend checking the other choices out thought after the fact. Just to see how it plays out.

Video Walkthrough:

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Trophy Guide:

The Chosen One
Unlock all other trophies.
The Slippers Gold
The comfortable ones.
Black Box Gold
Investigate your TV.
The Call Gold
What was the number?
Strange Thing Gold
I didn’t put it there!
Knock Knock Gold
Is there someone?
Father’s Office Gold
Enter father’s office for the first time.
Always busy Gold
Climb stairs 10 times. Must be completed in one game session.
Other Dimension Gold
Enter the other dimension for the first time.
The Eye Gold
Someone is looking at you.
Traveler Key Gold
You have found the key back to normality.
Where’s everything? Gold
Find the place of the others.
Without Escape Gold
Finish the game.

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  1. Thank you very much for this guide. When I completed this game on Vita, I had to use two guides and comments on True Achievements because the guides were both wrong. As a result it took ages to finish the game. This guide is perfect – 100%. Great job.

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