SokoBunny Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 4/10 (1/10 with puzzle solutions)
Estimated time to Platinum/: 2 – 4 hours
Trophies: 32 40-platinum 1 / Gold 5 / Silver 14 / Bronze 12
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1


Welcome to the SokoBunny trophy guide!
From DillyFrame Games;  at it’s heart the game is a block moving puzzle game. Solving the 30 puzzles trophy related will get you about a third of the trophies. The rest are earned during silly little fun side activities in the main game hub area.

The one complaint I have with the game is the soccer trophy. While the game plays and handles just fine, its clearly not designed for kicking a ball into a net; much less 15 times of doing so. The good part is you can earn other trophies while going for the soccer trophies.


Step 1: Play through the Puzzles
You will need to complete at minimum 30 levels; 10 each of Mini, Midi & Maxi.
once these are done you are free to work on the miscellaneous trophies.

Step 2: Grab those miscellaneous ones
I will have all the trophy requirements listed under each trophy, so give them all a quick read to see which ones you can work on at the same time.

Tips and Strategies:

  • Set the game to always run in the options menu.
  • You can look at the puzzle layouts and see where blocks are supposed to be moved out of the way to make room for movement.
  • Changing the camera angle with the stick can help with seeing the puzzle answers.
  • You can undo your last move with .
  • You can also use the undo move to help you move around the puzzle as well.

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Trophy Guide:

You did it!

You did it!

Startup Bronze
Collect 50 kicks

See Gold Rich.

Middle class Silver
Collect 100 kicks

See Gold Rich.

Rich Gold
Collect 500 kicks

This doesn’t all have to be at once, as it is accumulative across the game.

Mini 1 Bronze
Complete 1 mini level

Complete your first Mini level.

Mini 10 Silver
Complete 10 mini levels

Once you have completed 10 Mini Levels this trophy will pop.

Midi 1 Bronze
Complete 1 midi level

Complete your first Midi level.

Midi 10 Silver
Complete 10 midi levels

Once you have completed 10 Midi Levels this trophy will pop.

Maxi 1 Bronze
Complete 1 maxi level

Complete your first Maxi level.

Maxi 10 Silver
Complete 10 maxi levels

Once you have completed 10 Maxi Levels this trophy will pop.

Dangerous Cargo Bronze
Be knockdowned by a cargo

In the main  game  area stand next to the stacks and wait for them to be kicked by another rabbit.

I’m just lying here Silver
Be kicked 50 times

In order to be kicked you must kick other bunnies. There is not really a need to farm this one, as it will probably be earned while doing the soccer trophy.

Every time you kick another bunny they will chase you and kick you.

I’m unique! Bronze
Change any color

Just change your color at the color changing station

I’ve got a car! Bronze
Ride a forklift

Find the forklifts in main game area and press square to get in it.

My car is beautiful! Silver
Unlock any car body

Grab a forklift and go to the circle with a forklift in it, and once there use 100 currency to buy the cheapest new body for the forklift.

Goal Hunter Silver
Make 15 goals

Score 15 goals in the soccer game in main hub area.
This is easily the most frustrating trophy in the game. What makes it hard is you be playing against 2 A.I. bunnies already mid game.

I did find that even if you are behind the net and kicked the ball into the net it still counted as a goal, even though it didn’t go in the front.

You can see your goals scored in the Statistics via the pause menu.

I tried! Silver
Complete training levels

Highly recommend doing this first to get a feel for the game. They are within the Main Menu, and you need to finish all 10 for the trophy.

Toilet? Bronze
Visit toilet

Find the blue porta-potty in the main hub area and go in and shut the door. Hop in the bowl and move around and wait until you fall into a cavern below.

Portal Bronze
Go through it!

In the main hub area there is a portal at the top of a hill, at the end of the road, just jump in it.

More Bunnies Silver
Make more Bunnies!

Kick the front door of the Bunny Paint building to spawn more bunnies for this one.

Long change Silver
Buy 10 minutes of any buff

Your kicks that you accumulate on the side of the screen are used as currency for the Hot Carrot restaurant in main hub area.

Once you have over 200 kicks on side of screen, go inside and kick the orange power up that costs 10, and you will see a timer appear on screen. Just keep kicking it until over 10 mins appears.

Summer time! Gold
All deck chairs are yours!

Sit in all the deck chairs. There are 7 in total and they are all located near the pond.
4 in the main beach area, 2 on the outer ring of the pond, and 1 on the island in the middle.

Notes –

  • There is one on the upper right side of the pond that is hard to see.
  • I had to do it all back to back to get it to pop.
  • Kick them to lay in them
Dangerous Cargo 2 Silver
Be knockdowned by a cargo 20 times

See Gold Dangerous Cargo 3.

Dangerous Cargo 3 Gold
Be knockdowned by a cargo 30 times

Get hit by cargo 30 times. In the main hub area there will be bunnies testing puzzles, just stand next to the cargo they are going to kick and it will get kicked into you.

Dangerous Car Bronze
Make a car crash

See Gold Dangerous Car 3.

Dangerous Car 2 Silver
Make a car crash 5 times

See Gold Dangerous Car 3.

Dangerous Car 3 Gold
Make a car crash 10 times

Use a forklift and crash into one of the trucks roaming the streets a total of 10 times.

Swimmer Bronze
Swim 500 meters

See Gold Swimmer 3.

Swimmer 2 Silver
Swim 1000 meters

See Gold Swimmer 3.

Swimmer 3 Gold
Swim 2000 meters

Just swim in long circles in the pond in main hub area, or in the pond under the toilet.
The trophies pop when you exit the water, so swim around for a bit, then pop out to check.

Watch you move! Silver
Complete a puzzle in 3 moves

Easily done with the first puzzle of the game.

Flying Car Bronze
Jump in the forklift

Press jump while in forklift.

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