Subnautica (PS5) Dev Panel Text Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 2/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 30 – 90 min
Trophies: 18. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 9 / Silver 7 / Bronze 1
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1


Welcome to the Subnautica (PS5) trophy guide!
During this trophy guide we will be purely making use of the “Dev Panel”. I would highly recommend playing this game normally without the Dev Panel for your first playthrough to fully experience and immerse yourself in this amazing open-world survival action-adventure game set on an alien planet – The game itself is developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment.


Credit goes to YouTube channel ‘Klye’ for allowing us to create this text guide based off their video guide on YouTube. If you would much rather use a video guide over a text guide, then check this out –

Tips and Strategies:

  • After each teleport pause the game until the scenery loads, so you do not fall through the map.
  • Always remember to have the 5 cheats enabled and disabled when I say so within guide, or it may limit your opportunity to earn trophies.
  • Do not worry, using ‘give’ or ‘teleport’ will not effect trophies.
  • Apparently PS4 Dev Panel has been patched out, this may happen to PS5 version in future – I’d get this while you still can.

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Text Walkthrough:

  1. On main page press on game screen, then Play, then ’Start New Game’ and then ’Freedom’.
  2. Once you load up inside a structure press the menu button, then press + at same time to load Developer menu onto menu options.
  3. Press into the ‘Dev Menu’, then ‘Teleport’ and then ‘Base 1’.
  4. Press into Dev Menu, then ’Commands’ and then ’Bob the builder’.
  5. At this point the four of the five circles at the bottom of your screen should fill with tools, go onto the first tool using the D-Pad on controller and open the Construction Menu by clicking .
  6. Build a 2 tall structure of ‘multipurpose room’s – just one on top of the other, build a ‘Solar Panel’ next to the base to power it up, and then build a ’Hatch’ on the side of the bottom structure and go in.
  7. Once you’re inside build a ’Ladder’ on one of the outskirts rather than the centre square, then go up the ladders into the top room and build an ’alien containment’ and then build a hatch on the side of it.
  8. Go back down the ladders to bottom floor.
  9. Build a ‘Fabricator’ and a ’Locker’ for the walls then build 6 ’Modification Stations’ for the floor.
  10. Use a modification station to create a ’Ultra High Capacity Tank’ and ‘Ultra Glide Fins’.
  11. Go to the fabricator on the wall and create a ’Mobile Vehicle Bay’ and a ’Radiation Suit’.
  12. Whilst remaining at the fabricator, create these ’Resources’;
    • 5 Plasteel
    • 4 Enamelled Glass
    • 2 Lubricant
    • 2 Glass
    • 1 Titanium Ingot
    • 1 Power Cell
    • 1 Advanced Wiring Kit
    • 2 Aerogel
    • 1 Hatching Enzymes
  13. After this, pause the game and go to the dev menu, go to commands then disable these 5 ‘cheats’;
    • No Cost
    • Fast Hatch
    • Fast Scan
    • Fast Grow
    • Fast Build
  14. *NOTE* – Disabling these 5 cheats is paramount as it allows trophies to be obtained
  15. Now deconstruct all 6 of the modification stations.
  16. Leave the base, head over to the water and jump in. Bronze Getting Your Feet Wet
  17. Afterwards you should have your mobile vehicle bay in one of the bottom 5 circles where your tools are. Throw this in the water and climb on it.
  18. Now use the mobile vehicle bay to build ;
    • ’Sea Moth’ Silver Personal Propulsion
    • ’Cyclops’ Silver 40-foot Sub For One
    • ’Prawn Suit’ Silver Ordered the Prawn
  19. *IMPORTANT* – Go back into the Dev Menu, too Commands and enable no cost.
  20. Now use the mobile vehicle bay to build a ’Neptune Launch Platform’.
  21. Once this has built climb onto the Neptune Launch Platform and build the rest of the rocket;
    • Neptunes Gantry
    • Neptunes Boosters
    • Neptunes Fuel Reserve
    • Neptunes Cockpit
  22. *IMPORTANT* – Now go into Dev Menu, Commands and disable No Cost.
  23. Go to Dev Menu, Teleport and teleport to Base 1
  24. Rather than going to your own base, go inside the construction you have just teleported to. You should spawn on top of it, go down the ladders, across to the end of the corridor and pick up the ’Abandoned PDA’. Silver Seaside Living with an Ocean View.
  25. Next go to the Dev Panel, then Teleport too ’Base 2’.
  26. There will be an underwater base in front of you, whilst entering and when inside avoid the jellyfish tentacles as they will do damage.
  27. Enter the base and turn left, go up the ladder and into the observatory.
  28. Pick up the Abandoned PDA. Gold Follow the Degasi.
  29. Go to the Dev Panel, to the Teleport and too ’Base 3’.
  30. Swim around the top of the base until you get a circular porthole opening and go in.
  31. Once inside, stay in the same room but go around the Alien Containment Tank and go down the ladders.
  32. There will be a ‘Creature Egg’ down here that you need to pick up, it may take a few seconds to spawn.
  33. Then turn right and pick up the Abandoned PDA. Gold Seamonsters.
  34. Go into the Dev Panel and teleport back to Base 1.
  35. Go into the base you built, go up the ladders to the top floor.
  36. Go inside the alien containment tank using the hatch.
  37. When inside open your inventory using the touchpad, go to the creature egg and drop it in the tank.
  38. Open the Dev Menu, go to commands and enable Fast Hatch.
  39. Come off menu and watch the egg hatch into a cuttlefish.
  40. *Important* – Go back into Dev Menu, to commands and disable Fast Hatch.
  41. Pick up the cuttlefish.
  42. Go to Dev Panel and teleport to a place called ’Gun’.
  43. Once spawned in go to the Dev Panel, to ’Give’ and get the ’Precursor Keys’.
  44. Then walk up to the green cyber-like podium and insert the tablet.
  45. Go inside the structure – to the right, round the corridor and then just keep moving straight until you reach a green Data Terminal. Download the Date. Silver Ancient Technologies.
  46. Go to Dev Panel and teleport to ’LostRiverBase’.
  47. Swim inside and go forward then to the left and pick up the Ion Cube. Gold Find the Lost River.
  48. Go to Dev Panel and teleport to ‘LostCastleBase’.
  49. You will take minimal damage here but swim around and on top of the structure and eventually a trophy will pop. Gold Thermal Activity.
  50. Go to Dev Panel and teleport to ’Genroom’.
  51. In this room there will be generators needing repairs, easily found by the sparks flying out of the the parts needing repaired. Repair these by using the tool from the 2nd circle out of the five circles at the bottom of your screen.
  52. Repair all 11 of these, if you get attacked by a fish use your knife to kill it quickly. The knife is found in the 3rd circle. Gold Extinction Event Avoided.
  53. Go to Dev Panel and teleport to ‘Aquarium’.
  54. *Optional* – Go to Dev Panel, to the give option and spawn in a Seamoth – This will give you time for the next step so you don’t run out of oxygen.
  55. Leave the platform in search for eggs on the sea floor. Gold Fourteen Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.
  56. Once you reach the eggs come out of the Seamoth and there will be a small square podium that will open up when you get near it – insert the ion cube in here.
  57. Now turn around to the opposite direction if the eggs, head up the stairs towards the sandy triangle at the top.
  58. Wait here for the Sea monster to come over and blow the sand away.
  59. After the sand has been blown go back down the stairs towards the eggs and there will be a green ’Incubator’ there – insert hatching enzymes into the incubator.
  60. *Optional* – If you need oxygen just hop back in the SeaMoth.
  61. Wait now until one of the baby sea monsters throw up and release a small pale/light orange ball and go out and grab it with your hands (need to leave seamoth) Gold Optimal Health.
  62. Go into your inventory and release the cuttlefish that you hatched near the beginning. Silver Man’s Best Friend.
  63. Go to Dev Panel and teleport to ’Gunterminal.’
  64. Go up to the terminal in the middle of the room and activate it.
  66. Quit the game after you have saved it, then start a new Freedom game again.
  67. Go to menu and activate Dev Panel with + .
  68. Go to Dev panel then commands and activate Bob the builder.
  69. *Important* – You will need to disable the 5 cheats after doing bob the builder command. These are no cost, fast scan, fast grow, fast hatch, fast build.
  70. Leave the pod you start in and dive under water.
  71. Find and collect 2 Metal Scraps and 1 Quartz, these should be on the ocean floor. The metal scraps look like debris, and the Quartz looks like blue crystals.
  72. Go back into the starting pod and to the fabricator and create titanium.
  73. Go back outside and use your tools to legitimately build 1 Multipurpose room with 1 Hatch attached to it. Silver Settling in for the Long Haul.
  74. Quit out of this game and load back into the original game you saved.
  75. Go to Dev Panel and teleport back to Base 1.
  76. Head to the Neptunes Rocket and climb onto it, go onto the lift and up the Gantry.
  77. Once inside the rocket turn on these three switches;
    • Auxiliary Power Unit
    • Communications Array
    • Hydraulic Systems
  78. Go up the ladders into cockpit and turn on the three consoles round the sides;
    • Primary Console
    • Time Capsule – You must leave an item in here, take a screenshot and leave a message to fill in the 3 pieces of data it wants
    • Life Support System
  79. Sit in the chair in the middle of room, sit back, relax and earn that platinum! Gold Leave Only Time Capsules, Gold Go Among the Stars and 40-platinum Platinum Trophy.

Trophy List:

Platinum Trophy
Collect all other trophies
Getting Your Feet Wet
Dive for the very first time.
Extinction Event Avoided Gold
Repair the Aurora Reactor
Ancient Technologies Gold
Find the Enforcement Platform
Thermal Activity Gold
Find the Thermal Plant
Find the Lost River Gold
Find the Disease Research Facility
Fourteen Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Gold
Find the Primary Containment Facility
Optimal Health Gold
Cure the infection
Leave Only Time Capsules Gold
Create and deploy a time capsule
Seaside Living with an Ocean View Gold
Find the Degasi habitat on the floating island
Follow the Degasi Gold
Find the Degasi habitat in the jellyshroom caves
Seamonsters Gold
Find the Degasi habitat in the deep grand reef
Settling in for the Long Haul Gold
Build a habitat
Personal Propulsion Gold
Build a seamoth
40-foot Sub For One Gold
Build a cyclops
Ordered the Prawn Gold
Build a prawn suit
Go Among the Stars Gold
Launch the neptune rocket
“Man’s Best Friend” Gold
Hatch and release a Cuddlefish

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