Super Animal Royale Weekly Challenges! September 27th-October 4th, 2021!

A new week and another list of challenges with something stupid! But Halloween is coming and we should be getting an event soon! So let’s get down to it.

  • Get Top Placement In Any Mode 8 Times
    • This is pretty easy. All you have to do is make it to Top 5, 8 Times! Reward – 2,800 EXP
  • Equip A Powerup 15 Times
    • A powerup is something like a bandolier, or a cupgrade, or Super SAW Tape. So just grab 15 of these items for this challenge. Reward – 2,200 EXP
  • Get 15 Magnum Kills
    • This week’s terrible weapon challenge! My best advice is drop with people at the beginning of the match, find a magnum and hope for the best! Reward – 2,500 EXP

I hope you’re able to get all these challenges done for that sweet experience to your animal pass! Happy hunting!

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