Sakura Swim Club Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 1/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 5 min
Trophies: 20. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 9 / Silver 6 / Bronze 4
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1
Stacks: 6 (EU/JP/NA – PS4 & PS5) – Crossbuy: Yes


 Greetings comrades and welcome to the Sakura Swim Club trophy guide!
Brought to us by Winged Cloud & Gamuzumi. This is another instalment of the Sakura name for us following the other releases earlier in the year. We’re looking at another quick and easy Platinum Trophy with some lovely visuals.


For the quickest possible outcome, just set the options per the screen below and text skip can be enabled by pressing  during the novel.

Text Walkthrough:

Follow along with the choices below and you shall have a shiny new platinum for your collection.

  • 1) Hurry up
  • 1) Swimming?
  • 1) Why is it abandoned?
  • 1) Apologize
  • 2) Why are you discouraging me?
  • 2) You look worried
  • 2) Steadier pace
  • 1) Keep asking questions
  • 1) I have no doubt.
  • 2) Tarot cards
  • 1) It’s fine really
  • 2) It’s worth a shot
  • 2) I don’t remember
  • 2) What was it like years ago?
  • 1) I should worry
  • 1) Say something
  • 2) Alright, alright
  • 1) It’ll be fine
  • 1) But it was fun
  • 1) Take a deep breath
  • 1) Yes I did

And that’s it folks. If you missed a trophy just rerun it and ensure you are careful with your choices. It’s a lovely visual novel anyways.

Video Walkthrough:

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Trophy List:

Lovely Clubmates
Find everything there is to find out about your swim club friends.
Blue and White StripesBronze
Run into Mieko for the first time
The two TerrorsBronze
Meet the two… terrors?
No Shelter in the StormBronze
What a force of nature
Glide through the WaterSilver
Watch and learn from Mieko
Uplifting SplashSilver
Listen to Hiromi’s encouraging words
Captivating GameSilver
Watch Hiromi being ensnared by cables
Even more StripesSilver
Run into Mieko for another accident
Comfortable Learning EnvironmentSilver
Let Mieko get comfortable around you
Found it!Bronze
Find the bathroom
Getting used to itSilver
Get into a comfortable learning environment
Drenched Gold
Let Hiromi dry off a bit
Competition of LoveGold
Get forced into a decision
New SwimsuitGold
Let Hiromi show you her new swimsuit
Fox in a SwimsuitGold
Let Mieko show you her new swimsuit
Bunny HiromiGold
Get suprised by Hiromi
Settled CompetitionGold
Experience their closeness
Perfect DiveGold
Watch the competition fall back
Secret Santa?Gold
Merry Christmas
Wrapped PresentGold
Receive you present

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