Baseball Bout Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 2/10
Estimated time to Platinum: 5 – 10 min
Trophies: 45 40-platinum 1 / Gold 3 / Silver 11 / Bronze 30
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: None
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 1


Greetings comrades and welcome to the Baseball Bout trophy guide!
With a studio name like Otterrific Games I will always play their titles. In this one you play as a baseball that eats gnomes and birds. Yeah, don’t ask.


The game can be made faster by adjusting the speed setting or made easier and longer by slowing the level speed – This does not affect the trophies.

Trophies however can be a little buggy on this game, so you may have to repeat certain requires in order to achieve the occasional trophy.

Around level 4 or 5 you will probably want to slow it down so you have more of a chance at eating the gnomes (little colored balls with a point on top) on the ground and the birds in the sky.
Don’t worry if you lose; you can just play the level again.

Silver Lambs to the Slaughter may be the only trophy that you could possibly be missing towards the end of your journey. If this is the case, then you can obtain this trophy by progressing into the game far enough to make the eye appear, and turn the background red (similar to the trophy image).

Yes, the game has 45 trophies, but as long as you’re collecting all the gnomes and birds that you can you should earn the platinum by level 7.

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Trophy List:

Like a Baseball Outta Heck I’ll be Gone When the Platinum Comes
You got all the trophies! Congratulations! When the night is over, like a baseball outta heck I’ll be gone, gone, gone. Like a baseball outta heck I’ll be gone when the morning comes. But when the game is done, And the sync goes down, And the mosaic’s shining through… Then like a hunter before the stacks of trophies, I’ll come crawling on back to you…
Friendship a la Consumption! Bronze
Catch your first meeple!
Breakthrough Bronze
Let your first meeple escape.
Five Meeples Bronze
Catch 5 meeples.
Ten Meeples Bronze
Catch 10 meeples.
Fifteen Meeples Bronze
Catch 15 meeples.
Twenty Meeples Bronze
Catch 20 meeples.
Twentyfive Meeples Silver
Catch 25 meeples.
Thirty Meeples Bronze
Catch 30 meeples.
Thirtyfive Meeples Bronze
Catch 35 meeples.
Forty Meeples Bronze
Catch 40 meeples.
Fortyfive Meeples Bronze
Catch 45 meeples.
Fifty Meeples Silver
Catch 50 meeples.
Fiftyfive Meeples Bronze
Catch 55 meeples.
Sixty Meeples Bronze
Catch 60 meeples.
Sixtyfive Meeples Bronze
Catch 65 meeples.
Seventy Meeples Bronze
Catch 70 meeples.
Seventyfive Meeples Silver
Catch 75 meeples.
Eighty Meeples Bronze
Catch 80 meeples.
Eightyfive Meeples Bronze
Catch 85 meeples.
Ninty Meeples Bronze
Catch 90 meeples.
Nintyfive Meeples Bronze
Catch 95 meeples.
Hundred Meeples Gold
Catch 100 meeples.
Oneten Meeples Bronze
Catch 110 meeples.
Onetwenty Meeples Bronze
Catch 120 meeples.
Onethirty Meeples Bronze
Catch 130 meeples.
Onefourty Meeples Bronze
Catch 140 meeples.
Onefifty Meeples Silver
Catch 150 meeples.
Onesixty Meeples Bronze
Catch 160 meeples.
Oneseventy Meeples Bronze
Catch 170 meeples.
Oneeighty Meeples Bronze
Catch 180 meeples.
Oneninty Meeples Bronze
Catch 190 meeples.
Two Hundred Meeples Silver
Catch 200 meeples.
Twoten Meeples Bronze
Catch 210 meeples.
Twotwenty Meeples Silver
Catch 220 meeples.
Twothirty Meeples Silver
Catch 230 meeples.
Twoforty Meeples Silver
Catch 240 meeples.
Twofifty Meeples Gold
Catch 250 meeples. (I bet you would’ve preferred if these were just eleven golds, wouldn’t you?)
Just Starting Bronze
Reach speed level 2.
Gotta Go Quick Bronze
Reach speed level 3.
Hitting a Stride Bronze
Reach speed level 4.
Highway to Heck Silver
Reach speed level 5.
Mark of the Baseball Silver
Reach speed level 6.
Maximum Speed Gold
Reach max speed.
Lambs to the Slaughter Silver
Consume and sacrifice enough meeple souls to satisfy the eldritch god’s relentless hunger and plunge the mortal realm into an infernal heckscape. Let none escape this fiery domain, and in your infinite mercy, feed these hollow dissenters to your master as tribute to prove your worth on that ledger ticking below. Uhh, I mean, haha baseball fun. Nothing suspicious here.

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