Undertale Review


Undertale is an indie RPG by developer Toby Fox. It was released for PC and Consoles in 2015.


One day you go looking in a set of mountains, to fall into a hole, and you awake in the Underground. A strange world that is ruled by monsters. But not is all as it seems, because not every monster is bad. But some of the sweetest looking ones are pure, unadulterated evil! (Insert Mermaid Man Evil Gif)

You get rescued by a caring figure, by the name of Toriel. You’re then told if you want to leave the Underground that you have to leave the ruins. But she begs you not to go, because the world is dangerous, and the king Asgore will kill you. Why will he kill you? Well because after he collects 7 human souls, he can break the barrier between human and monsters and exact revenge! Pretty dark no? Though as you play through the game, you can find some spots to read the lore of the Underground, and part of me doesn’t blame Asgore. The humans are assholes, especially for what they did to the monsters. IT WAS ALL A BIG MISUNDERSTANDING! Though your choices matter so much in this game. But I’ll touch on that.

The first time you play the game, you have to get what is known as the “Neutral Ending”. It’s basic, it’s boring. But the storytelling is so good on your journey. You meet characters that you learn to care about. They’re all silly, and wacky, and I just wanted to give them all a hug. Especially Papyrus. The little skeleton bastard. He tries so hard to have friends and be great, but he doesn’t have too. Then you have a character like Mettaton The Robot. Who every time they were on screen, I was laughing my ass off. He’s zany, and wild, and he just wants to kill you! I mean…..yea no, he wants you dead. But in the best of ways!

Now the game has 3 big endings (and a million more apparently), but the 3 main are the Neutral Ending I mentioned, Pure Pacifist, and Genocide. To be clear, I only finished two of the three. That being the Neutral and the Pure Pacifist. I tried to do a Genocide run, but I got stuck for a few hours, and eventually said “fuck this noise”. I didn’t want to kill everyone anyways! But the Pure Pacifist run has you not killing anyone or anything! No random encounter enemies, no bosses, nothing. Don’t be mean to some monsters, don’t steal. Just be nice. The ending on this route had me so broken up, because it was so sad, yet so wholesome. But it also doesn’t shy away from how messed up the game can get. Even on the Neutral Ending it was wild! I’m sure the Genocide route is just as messed up, but I guess I won’t know. Hate me if you want! I gave it a good go!

The gameplay is a bit simple yet hard though. In battle, you can either kill everything (please god no), or you can spare everything. You can be nice to every monster and then spare them to run away. Even bosses! The game gets a bit rough though when it comes to enemy turns. So you control a little heart when enemies attack. You then have to avoid attacks or you take damage. Some fights and enemies are such a pain in the ass with their attacks. But it’s even worse on your Genocide run. Though it gave a nice spin to the JRPG formula.

Where would I be though without talking about the music. This game has some good music. Though I will be honest, I’m a sucker for pianos, and this game has a bunch of tunes done on the piano. With some nice melodies mixed with other soft instruments. It was just perfect as you made your way through this mystery world. It’s just a shame that the game wasn’t all that long to fully enjoy the music and atmosphere a bit more. On my main run, I clocked in about 5ish hours. Then speeding through it for my Pure Pacifist run, it only took about 3. Though I was skipping through a lot of the dialogue.

Though again, depending how you play the game, you will get a lot of different dialogue. There are some parts that feel terribly cringe, but for the most part, the dialogue really does a good job of conveying everything. The pure feelings of some characters. Then there’s characters like Alphys where they’re a nervous wreck, and everything they say is cringe loaded. Though I guess it works, because I couldn’t help but to like her…the weirdo.


Rating: 8 out of 10.


  • Lovable Characters
  • Great Dialogue
  • Amazing Lore


  • Genocide Route Is Really Tough (I Know! GiT gUd ScRuB!)
  • Short Runtime


I honestly thought Undertale was one of those kinds of crappy, overrated indies. But after finally giving it the time of day, I can safely say that it’s not overrated and it’s just as fantastic as everyone says. At least I think so. If you have a chance to play this, do so. I guarantee you will fall in love with at least one of the characters!

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Game & Developer Information

Developer Website: Undertale
Developer Socials: Twitter
PSN Store Links: £11.99/€14.99 Europe / $14.99 North America
Trophy Information: 30. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 5 / Silver 10 / Bronze 14

UNDERTALE PlayStation 4, PS Vita E3 2017 Announce Trailer

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