Beach Bounce Remastered Review


Beach Bounce Remastered is a short Visual novel and was developed by Dharker Studios and was released to PC on August 14, 2015. It was then ported to Switch by Gamuzumi on May 6, 2021


What would you do if your grandma owned a harem and she needed your help to run it? Well that’s essentially what this game is! Except it’s not exactly a harem, but it also kind of is. You get a call from your Grandma Umi, and she’s in the hospital, and say she needs you to run her business. The fun resort of Beach Bounce! Filled with all the pretty ladies you can ever find, and a….demon. Sure that makes sense right?

So you go around, helping all of the ladies of the resort, trying to find out how to run each portion of the resort on the off chance that one day it will all be yours! There are a multitude of endings though. There are some endings where terrible things happen and you get tossed on your ass though. Though there is the very obvious ending if you happen to make the right choices.

The one terrible thing about the multitude of endings though, is that there is no route chart. So even though there are apparently 19 routes, I only saw maybe 9. Again, the reason for that was just explained. Though there are 7 characters in all, I did see each and everyone of their endings. Which meant I got to fully unlock all of the CG galleries with a few saucy images. There was nothing too bad in terms of imagery, but some of the text was very very dirty. Dirty enough to possibly let someone have fun. Wink wink, hint hint, nudge nudge.

Though in terms of the story being short, my very first read only took about two hours. Then each subsequent run only lasted maybe 30 minutes. Mostly because I was skipping the already read text. Though at least each character kept each quick run fun and interesting for the most part. Between a character who kisses you the second she sees you, to a girl who really hates you and you have to convince her that you aren’t the spoiled rich boy she makes you out to be.

Though I will say it sucks that each character’s ending basically ended the same way. So if you actually get one character’s ending, you’ll basically have seen how every ending will play out. But they were still fun to see at the end of the day! The story itself though is kind of rushed. It never felt like there was much there. You could have a few lines of dialogue, and suddenly, your character is in bed being like “wow what a long day!” and you never truly know what happened that day. So the character building for Tomo, the main character, is kind of crap. The one thing he has going for him, is that he is apparently able to bed everybody he meets, with no issues at all! Literally everyone wants in his pants! It’s wild!


Rating: 6 out of 10.


  • Filthy Dialogue (If You Like That)
  • The Personalities Of The Ladies
  • Saucy Images


  • No Route Chart
  • Rushed Story
  • Each Ending Is Basically The Same


I know this review has been very short, but so was the game. It was a dirty and fun adventure though, but there isn’t much to it. The story is rushed, the main character sucks, but at least the ladies were fun to talk too and see them open up (Ha!) to the main character.

I do wish there was an ending chart, because I would’ve liked to see all 19 endings. Including every single bad one. But that would’ve meant I needed a route guide off the Internet for a few, and that was too much work. But at least I have a ton of filthy pictures from the game! I would say buy this, if it’s on sale.

Game & Developer Information

Developer Website: Dharker Studios
Developer Socials: Twitter
Publisher Website: Gamuzumi
Publisher Socials: Twitter

Beach Bounce Remastered Trailer (Switch)


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