Dating Life: Miley x Emily Review


Dating Life: Miley x Emily (MxE for short) is a short Visual Novel developed by Dharker Studios. Originally released July 9th 2021 for PC, it was later ported to Console by Gamuzumi on August 5th 2021.

*Disclaimer: A free code was provided by the publisher for the intent of this review. This does not affect my opinions, as they are mine and mine alone!


One day Miley gets home from work and realizes she’s very lonely. She moved from her hometown to make a life in an aptly named city of Paradise Cove, but for her, it’s anything but. Yes she has her dream job, but it doesn’t go as planned, she has no friends and no significant other. So she checks her phone in hopes that she has notifications from the dating app that she has installed, only to find out that she messed up her profile! Too bad she doesn’t know how to use technology to change it, so she’s not very happy with herself. Suddenly she gets a call from a mysterious match on the dating app. Emily.

This kicks off her wild and fun filled night with Emily! You get to pick a good amount of multiple choices in some dialogue options, which steer the night along, to see how the date ends. With 5 endings in total, the game doesn’t run very long, but it’s a pretty fun ride! You get to see what happens if you keep Miley from drinking too much, or see what happens if she does drink way too much! Is she a sad drunk? A party animal? Does the night end with her going home alone, or finding a girlfriend? It’s all here. Although I will admit, I did have to break out a steam guide to figure out how to get a few endings I seemed to be missing. As the game didn’t have a route chart to show you where everything really branches off.

As a Yuri visual novel this game tries to label itself as very NSFW (Not Safe For Work), and has a lot of innuendos in it, and teases, but honestly, the worst it ever gets is a still picture of the girls with their tongues wrapped around each other. Even then the picture looks a tad bit awkward. Now I understand the whole concept of censorship and the godly rays of light that happen to be everywhere that nudity is involved, but if you play on console as I did, just don’t expect much, as all the pictures are very tame. Even the wording in the game is very tame for the most part. Heck an ending is about them ending up in a hotel room! But all you get is a picture of them making out, and that’s it. No sex talk, no information on the deed, you just know they did it! That’s not very NSFW if you ask me! So for people looking for something saucy, unfortunately you’re not gonna get your fill here.

The game itself doesn’t have any real movement to the characters. They shift back and forth on the screen, but that’s about it. Their expressions seem to change from one of a few faces, and the background scenes are mostly all the same. Though the music is a good way to get the mood going. When the girls are really getting into the date, the music heats up like crazy. Though you can tell you’ve hit the sad ending when the music takes a very sad tone, and I felt real bad for poor Miley on that ending. Even though she comes off sad and desperate. Though the perfect ending kept me entertained and happy for her.


Rating: 5 out of 10.


  • Short Read
  • Some Good Innuendos


  • Not Very NSFW
  • No Route Chart
  • Awkward “Make-out” Pictures


There’s truly not much more to talk about. The game is short and sweet. There’s no deep character development, there’s not a billion branching paths, and it doesn’t take days to read. Though the game is also very tame considering it labels itself as an NSFW Yuri VN.

I was expecting very dirty subject matter. To the point where I don’t feel comfortable playing it when anyone in my house is awake. But I got walked in on a couple times and just didn’t care. Do I recommend this if you want a short read regardless, or you just want a stupid easy platinum? Sure. Would I recommend this to someone who loves dirty filthy smut? No. So for all you sick people out there, Zen, I give it 1 load out of five. You know what it means. Le wiiiiink!

Game & Developer Information

Developer Website: Dharker Studios
Developer Socials: Twitter
Publisher Website: Gamuzumi
Publisher Socials: Twitter
PSN Store Links: £7.99/€9.99 Europe / $9.99 North America¥1,100 Japan
Trophy Information: 13. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 11 / Silver 1 / Bronze 0

Dating Life: Miley X Emily Trailer | PS4/PS5


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