Cyber Shadow Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 7/10.
Estimated time to Platinum: 5 – 15 Hours
Trophies: 41. 40-platinum 1 / Gold 3 / Silver 9 / Bronze 28
Missable trophies: 19.
Glitched trophies: None.
Difficulty related: None.
Playthrough: 2, but 3 are recommended


Welcome to the Cyber Shadow Trophy Guide!
The world has been taken over by the evil Dr. Progen and his merciless synthetic army. A desperate plea for help sets Shadow, the sole survivor of his clan, on one last mission to uncover what started the path to perpetual ruin. Your robotic companion, L-Gion, is your only guide through the ruins of Mekacity. How far will Shadow go to protect his clan and the one he loves? Is there more to their bond than meets the eye? Only you can unlock the secrets to your clan’s ancient powers. Hurry before you run out of time! The road to redemption awaits in Cyber Shadow, the quintessential Ninja Action game.


Step 1: Beat the game while collecting all the HP and SP upgrades and collecting most of the missable trophies
In this step we are getting most of the trophies out of the way. Take your time and familiarize yourself with the controls and the layout of the areas and enemies, as this will immensely during your next playthrough(s). But make no mistake: This game is HARD – even if you have collected all upgrades – and it will probably take you a few tries between checkpoints before you can progress, especially in the later chapters.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze Saving the clan
Bronze Rise to the challenge
Bronze Strike them down
Bronze Monkey around
Bronze Forged will
Bronze Deflect evil
Bronze Sudden movements
Silver Overpowered
Silver Return to ethos

You should also earn:
Bronze Pacifist
Bronze Smashing
Bronze Fight with honor
Bronze Long distance
Bronze Wouldn’t hurt a fly
Bronze Not a scratch
Bronze Focused effort
Bronze Boring
Bronze Blade’s plenty
Silver Live forever
Bronze Dry socks
Bronze Floor is lava
Bronze Ping pong
Bronze Show off
Bronze Fast track
Bronze Don’t touch the paint
Bronze Attacking aggressively
Bronze This is my boat
Bronze Pogo master
Bronze Eye for an eye
Bronze Lonely robot
Bronze Tools of the trade
Silver Gadgetmaster
Bronze Airtime
Silver No you
Silver Super ninja
Silver Maximum power
Silver A thousand souls
Gold 100%

Step 2: No Upgrades run
Now that you have completed the game once and know all there is to know about the game it is time to start another – and probably the hardest – playthrough: a no upgrade run. Keep in mind that besides the “small” HP upgrades you are also NOT allowed to pick up the “full” HP upgrades that some bosses leave behind, so be sure to not accidently pick them up out of euphoria or something. The game is definitely a tough cookie with only the starting 5 HP and SP, but just take your time and persevere.

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Gold Born ready

Step 3: Speedrun
Time for one more playthrough! After beating the game at both maximum and minimal power, it is time to go fast and beat it in under three hours with however many upgrades you want to collect. Keep in mind that continue playing after getting a death will keep the timer going, so a good strategy is to regularly back-up your save before tough parts of the game, practice them for a bit, and then go back to your back-up save. All in all, this trophy might be more of a hassle than a challenge this way, so after the “no upgrades” run you should be more than capable off doing this.

Theoretically you could combine this trophy with any of the two previous playthroughs, but it might be a good idea to give this its own playthrough. The choice is up to you.

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
Gold Fast as lightning

Step 4: Clean up
At this point it is time to have another look at your trophy list and knock out any trophy you might have missed. Afterwards you can enjoy your shiny new platinum trophy!

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
40-platinum Ninja Master

Video Guides:

Trophy Guide:

Ninja Master
Obtain all trophies.

As the description says, collect all other trophies to get the platinum trophy for Cyber Shadow.

Reach the Smasher without killing enemies.

This can potentially be the very first trophy you earn in the game. However, since you are not allowed to kill ANY enemy between the start of the game and the first (mini-)boss, it may be a bit hard to get on your very first playthrough when you are just coming to grips with how the game works and how to get through some of the tougher sections without using your sword. If you still want to get give it a go, be prepared to retry this a few times.
Keep in mind that you can come back anytime later on in the game and try this again, even after Smasher has been defeated!

If you’d like to say a video of how it is done, refer to the one linked below:

Defeat Smasher without destroying the wall turrets.

This is as straight-forward as it sounds: Only focus on the (mini-)boss and do not destroy the turrets that will constantly shoot at you. Again, this might be a bit tricky on your first attempt, but as long as your are aware of your surroundings and properly dodge the projectiles, you will earn this trophy in no time.

If you’d like to see how it can be done, refer to the video below:

Fight with honor
Defeat the Apparitor without hitting him in the back.

Since you are not allowed to hit Apparitor in the back, this makes the fight somewhat more difficulty, as you are safe for most of his attacks there. Still, his attack pattern is very easy to learn: At first, he stands stationary at one end of the arena and shoots some projectiles at you. Afterwards, he will charge multiple projectiles that he will fire at you while he is also charging you. Once he arrives at the other end of the arena, he will jump up high into the air and shoot even more projectiles at you before landing and repeating the cycle. Thus, your best bet at hitting him is after he rebounds from hitting the wall with his charge and shortly after landing from his jump.

If you want to see how to do this, refer to the video below:

Long distance
Defeat Laserbrain without hitting it with your sword.

This is actually rather easy, though it will draw out the fight quite a bit. In order to damage Laserbrain, you are only allowed to hit it with your Shuriken (Up+Attack). You are, however, freely allowed to destroy the laser turrets to its sides with your sword, so make use of that. Hit it with your shuriken until you are out of SP, destroy some of the compacted trash blocks to refill your SP and repeat.

For a visual reference, refer to the video below:

Wouldn’t hurt a fly
Complete Chapter 2 elevator without killing rust flies.

This one is a bit tricky, as there are a LOT of Rust Flies in the elevator ride. My best advice is to keep trying and chart a course for yourself of how to avoid the flies while going up. Remember that you ARE allowed to destroy the laser turrets and the compacted trash blocks, though.

If you want to see how it’s done, refer to the video below:

Not a scratch
Defeat Scrambler without taking damage.

This is easier than it sounds, as Scrambler is a bit of a pushover. He will cycle between smashing the ground and shooting exploding projectiles at you (which will set the ground on fire), while periodically jumping at/over you. Once you have severely damaged him and his shell cracks, he will resort to firing two projectiles at once, while losing his ground smash. In the last phase, once he has lost his armor, he will only jump over you while shooting bullets. Dodge his attacks while attacking mercilessly and he should go down in no time.

Should you have trouble visualizing the strategy, refer to the video below:

Focused effort
Defeat Hunter Tank without destroying the popup turrets.

This is another case of “just attack until it dies, while dodging the odd projectile so you don’t die”. Just be sure to NOT destroy any of the turrets. You are allowed to damage them, just do not destroy them.

For a video guide, click the one below:

Destroy 5 hunter bores.

Hunter bores are the blue “bore” like enemies that keep dropping blue robots on you during Chapter 3 (Mekacity Ruins). There are more than enough of these for you to destroy during the chapter to get the trophy, but if you want to quickly get this trophy out of the way just kill a few of them, backtrack to a savepoint, reload your save and kill them again.

To see how to do this, refer to the following video:

Blade’s plenty
Defeat Biohunter with sword only.

This trophy can be a bit tricky, as not only does Biohunter stay in the air for long periods of the fight (where you cannot hit him your sword), but he only comes to the ground to keep attacking himself. Your only window for attacking is thus whenever he lands (before he does an attack) and before he gets into the air again (after his attack). Keep repeating this until the 2nd phase of the fight starts, where you can finally just mercilessly maul him for a quick win.

For a visual guide on how to do this, refer to the video below:

Live forever Gold
Reach the dojo without dying.

This is one of the games tougher trophies, as you basically have to make your way through the games first three chapters without dying, ever. To make this a bit easier on yourself remember that you can back-up your save data and restore that save, should you die

Again, if you want to see how this can be done, refer to the following video:

Dry socks
Defeat Mekadragon without falling into water.

Another tricky trophy. The problem with the arena the fight takes place in is that there is no stable ground to stand on as you have to repeatedly shoot down make-shift rafts on which you can stand. However, these will only stay in place for a short while AND can get destroyed by the boss, so not only do you have to somehow find an opening to actually damage the boss and get through this ordeal, but you also have to keep an eye on your footing at all times. Luckily Mekadragon is a cycle-based boss, so you can easily read his attacks and get ready for him:

In his first phase, Mekadragon will be above water and you can actually damage him. At first he will be shooting a stream of fireballs at you, which you can dodge by standing underneath him (remember to damage him from there with your Rising Fire ability [Down+Attack]), but make sure to get away from him once he finishes, as he will prepare to dive straight afterwards! The other attack he can do here is to electrocute the water, but he leaves himself WIDE open while doing this, so take the time to rake up some damage on him. He will switch between these two attacks whenever he is above water.

In the second phase, he will either dive, circle around the arena and go straight back into phase one OR he will completely vanish from the screen (watch the water bubbling up from below), jump straight into the air and smash back down into the water (destroying platforms while jumping/re-entering). It is random which of these two attacks he does, so be prepared.

If you want to see how to quickly get this done with, refer to the video below:

Floor is lava
Defeat six AI vessel defense system turrets without touching floor.

This trophy can either be really, really easy or somewhat hard, depending on how good you’ve become with the Airstrike (Down+Attack in the air) ability. What you want to do here is to Airstrike either the left- or right-most turret (on the lower row), slash the turret that is above the previous turret with your sword and then continue doing this motion for all six turrets, without touching the ground. This can take some getting used to, but with a bit of practice it is readily doable.

If you want to see how it can be done, refer to the following video:

Ping pong Gold
Defeat Subject Alpha v1 by parrying only.

Depending on your reflexes this can either be really, really hard or very easy. You perform a parry by pressing left or right in the direction of a projectile as it is about to hit you. Do it correctly and you create a pulsing orb that you can slash with your sword to send it back at the enemy, damaging them if it hits them. For this trophy, you have to defeat Subject Alpha v1 with this method ONLY. Be aware that hitting the boss with your sword while you are trying to reflect the projectile voids the trophy, so keep your distance! Also, you can actually parry the flames his ground smash attack (that he performs from the air) as well. You will probably unlock Silver No you in the process as well.

For a visual guide on how to do this, refer to the video below:

Show off
Defeat Subject Alpha v2 with 0 SP at the start of battle.

The requirement for this trophy is that you ENTER the battle with 0 SP. It is perfectly fine for you to refill your SP DURING the battle!
This is another cycle-based boss and thus easily exploitable: First, he will his eye (his only weakspot) 3-4 times, while shooting a large projectile at you. Jump and parry the projectile for some big damage, while also getting a few sword slashes in. After this, he will send out spikes from the middle of the room to the sides. Walljump to avoid them or – better yet – continuously Airstrike him during this phase for huge damage. Repeat until he is defeated.

Again, if you prefer a visual guide on how to execute this, refer to this video:

Fast track
Defeat Tunnel Cleaner in under 60 seconds.

Tunnel Cleaner is the boss at the end of the games sixth Chapter, Robot Factory. In order to get the trophy, follow these exact steps:

  1. Immediately when the fight starts and the screen is pure white from the plosion, jump and attack his weak spot to get some damage on him.
  2. Once he has fully opened his weakspot the next time, parry all 6 projectile in the air and send them back at him.
  3. As soon as you see him charge his big attack in front of him, jump and parry this projectile. Try to hit him with your sword as well
  4. When he opens his eye next, attack him with your sword. His first HP bar should be fully depleted by now.
  5. If he is on his 2nd HP bar, he will now send out to drones. Stand at the far right of the train and hit his eye after both drones have passed you. Then quickly hit the first drone in the back to destroy it, sprint underneath it and dash attack the 2nd drone. Immediately turn around and slash at both drones (while jumping) to quickly send them back at the boss. This SHOULD kill him.
  6. If he is not dead yet, Tunnel Cleaner should be at very low HP, so simply wait for him to open his eye again and kill him.

If you want to see this strategy in action, watch the following video:

Don’t touch the paint
Complete the bike ride without taking damage.

The bike ride happens about halfway through chapter 8. This trophy is mostly about memorizing where the enemies and pitfalls are and killing or avoiding them. Should you get hit, simply reload the checkpoint.

Watch the video below to get an idea of how to do it:

Attacking aggressively
Defeat the Dropship in under 30 seconds.

A short while after the bike ride from the previous trophy, you will encounter the Dropship. The Dropship always goes through the same patterns, so simply memorize those and position yourself in a way that you can attack it as soon as it appears on screen. Be aware that you can charge your attack by holding down Square whenever it vanishes to unleash a powerful attack upon it when it reappears.

To see how it is done, watch the video below:

This is my boat
Complete boat ride without teambots touching the deck.

The boat ride happens at the end of chapter 9. Again, the enemy spawns are fixed, so play the boat ride a couple of times to memorize when and where they happen to quickly dispatch them all before they touch the deck of the boat. Should you fail, you can either just reload the checkpoint or make your way through the chapter 9 area again and try anew.

To see how it can be done, watch the following video:

Pogo master
Lightning strike the Combinatron head ten times without landing.

A rather easy trophy. You fight Combinatron right at the start of chapter 10 (shortly after the boat ride). Simply jump at his head and repeatedly Airstrike (Down+Attack in the air) him until the trophy pops. You can either fight him normally afterwards and reset the fight and fight him normally.

Watch the video below to see how it can be done:

Eye for an eye
Defeat each of the small eyes before defeating Spiderail.

Somewhat of a tricky trophy, as it is easily possible to defeat Spiderail before destroying its small eyes. The only real advice here is to carefully try and hit/destroy the small eyes before starting to attack its big eye (which actually damages the boss). Spiderail will also cycle through his four attack patterns, so learning how to avoid these can make this trophy easier, as focusing on the small eyes can draw the fight out a bit.

To see this strategy in action, refer to the following video:

Lonely robot
Find the lone robot in the train tunnel.

You can find the lonely robot where you fought Tunnel Cleaner at the end of chapter 6. After finishing chapter 8, simply make your way back to the end of the Robot Factory and this trophy will pop, no problem.

If you can’t remember where to go, watch the video below:

Tools of the trade
Find four different special items.

See Silver Gadgetmaster.

Gadgetmaster Gold
Find eight different special items.

Special Items are the subweapons you can pick at various checkpoints in the game and also at certain other points during some chapters. Simply collect eight different once and the trophy will be yours.

Stay airborne for 30 seconds.

This is a very tricky task. You have to first find a good spot and then combine a series of double jumps and Airstrikes to keep yourself afloat. There are multiple points in the game where this is possible, but I find it easiest to do in the final chapter of the game against the respawning wall turret enemies.

See the video below on how to get this trophy:

No you Gold
Parry 50 times.

First, you have to acquire the Parry ability at the end of chapter 4. Afterwards you can parry enemy projecticles by pressing left/right in the direction of a projectile that is about to hit you. This trophy will probably come naturally while going for other trophies, especially Silver Ping pong.

Super ninja Gold
Shadow dash through 10 enemies without touching ground.

This sounds harder than it is. In chapter 10, shortly after defeating Combinatron, will be room that is basically made to easily get this trophy. While it may take a few tries to get it right, simply keep at it and this trophy will be yours in no time.

For a visual guide, refer to the video below:

Saving the clan
Get shuriken.

You will automatically get the Shuriken at the end of chapter 1.

Rise to the challenge
Get rising fire.

You will automatically get Rising Fire at the end of chapter 2.

Strike them down
Get airstrike.

You will automatically get Airstrike at the end of chapter 3.

Monkey around
Get wall slide.

You will automatically get the Wall Slide before the start of chapter 4, in the dojo.

Forged will
Get katana forge.

You will automatically get this upgrade after your fight against Mekadragon in chapter 4.

Deflect evil
Get parry.

You will automatically get the Parry ability at the end of chapter 4.

Sudden movements
Get dash.

You will automatically get the Dash ability at the end of chapter 5.

Overpowered Gold
Get charge.

You will automatically get this at the end of chapter 7.

Born ready Gold
Finish normal mode without collecting any HP or SP upgrades.

One of the hardest trophies in the game. As the description says, you are not allowed to pick up any HP and/or SP upgrades during the whole game. This, of course, includes those dropped by bosses. It is highly advised to try and go for this trophy AFTER having finished the game at least once, so you are somewhat familiar with the game’s mechanics and layouts. You can also try and combine this trophy with Gold Fast as lightning, to cut down on having to do another playthrough of the game.

If you want to see how it’s done, refer to the following video:

Maximum power Gold
Find all SP upgrades.

See Gold 100%.

A thousand souls Gold
Find all HP upgrades.

See Gold 100%.

Returned to ethos Gold
Finish normal mode.

Simply beat the game and this trophy is yours!

Fast as lightning Gold
Finish normal mode in under 3 hours.

This is easier than it sounds, as with a bit of practice you can easily beat the game in under two hours or even faster! Nevertheless, knowing where to go and how to quickly defeat the game’s bosses is really helpful, as to not lose too much time at certain parts of the game. It is also advised to NOT couple this with your Gold Born ready run of the game as to make your life a little easier, but you can choose to combine those anyway to cut down on your platinum time.

If you would like to see how this can be done, refer to the following video:

Finish normal mode with all powerups collected.

As the description says, find all HP and SP upgrades and then beat the final boss to get this trophy. Upgrades come in three forms:

  1. Partial HP Upgrades: These are hidden throughout the game. Collect three of them to get a complete HP upgrade and receive another point of HP. You can find 15 partial HP upgrades.
  2. Full HP Upgrades: These are dropped by bosses and instantly grant you another point of HP. You can find a total of 5 of these. They are dropped by Smasher (chapter 1), Laserbrain (chapter 2), Hunter Tank (chapter 3), Tunnel Cleaner (chapter 6) and Combinatron (chapter 10).
  3. SP Upgrades: These instantly grant you another point of SP. You can find 10 of these throughout the game.

To find them all, refer to the following video:


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